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Jul 14

Operation Safe Driver Week 2020

Posted on July 14, 2020 at 12:00 AM by Riann Martinez

Have you noticed a spike in unsafe driving over the past few months? According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, less traffic may be encouraging some drivers to ignore traffic safety laws. Despite there being fewer vehicles on the road due to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, many jurisdictions across the U.S. are seeing a spike in traffic violations, including a severe spike in speeding.

To promote safe driving behaviors by both our Transit Operators and the general public, Rio Metro is conducting an Operation Safe Driver Week Campaign from July 13-17, 2020.

The campaign, held in conjunction with Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s National Operation Safe Driver Week, features enhanced safety messaging for our operators, as well as fundamental safe driving elements that drivers can use every time they enter a vehicle.

Campaign elements include posters in our transit centers with daily messaging for the operators, as well as reminders over the dispatch radio every few hours. On the public side, daily safe driving tips are being shared on Rio Metro’s Facebook and Twitter platforms and on the Rio Metro website.

Why Operation Safe Driver Week?
“It’s a reminder to our Transit Operators that they are part of a nation-wide team of the safest drivers that you will find on any roadway,” says Stephanie Paiz, Rio Metro’s Safety Officer. “It is also a way to engage the public to think about their own driving habits. This helps all motorists, as we respect each other with tried-and-true behaviors of good drivers.”

Driver Safety Tips
  • Monday, July 13: Obey the Speed Limit
  • Tuesday, July 14: Obey Traffic Control Devices
  • Wednesday, July 15: Buckle Up for Safety
  • Thursday, July 16: Always Be Aware
  • Friday, July 17: Avoid Using Your Phone