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Rio Metro Planning and Publications

The Rio Metro Regional Transit District, in coordination with the Mid-Region Council of Governments, produces a myrad of studies, improvement projects, strategy reports and publications that incorporate the current and future needs of communities of central New Mexico.

Transportation Planning

Rio Metro PlanningThe Rio Metro Regional Transit District and ABQ RIDE both have received a federal Travel Demand Management (TDM) Grant to promote alternative transportation options in the workplace. As part of this grant, Rio Metro is working with major employers from Belen to Santa Fe to create awareness and incentives to reduce the use of single occupant vehicles. This report outlines the accomplishments, communications efforts, awards received, as well as goals, objectives & measurements of Rio Metro TDM.

The Rio Metro Regional Transit District Short Range Plan is an update to the agency’s previous 2008 Rio Metro Regional Transit District Service and Financial Plan. The Plan includes a five-year financial plan and identifies capital, planning, operations, marketing, technology and administrative needs for the next ten years. The plan update will help develop transit service that most effectively meets the needs of the region and also identifies key service expansion and improvement initiatives for future years that respond to identified transportation needs.

  • pdfNew Mexico Rail Runner Express Project Development History (October 2009)

    This report provides a summary of the technical information and analysis that has been completed for extending commuter rail service between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. The report follows the refinement of alternative alignments, summarizes public comments, and presents findings of the market of potential commuters, noise impacts, and current project activities.

  • 2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (Approved April 2011)

The 2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) is the long-range transportation plan for the Albuquerque Metropolitan Planning Area (AMPA), which includes all of Bernalillo County, as well as portions of southern Sandoval County and northern Valencia County.

Identifies transportation needs in Torrance, Valencia, rural Sandoval, and southern Santa Fe counties between now and 2030.

The Coordinated Transportation Plan was compiled by the Mid-Region Council of Governments (MRCOG) to identify the transportation needs of elderly, disabled, and low-income residents within Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance, and Valencia counties. 

Development Projects/Studies

In 2010, the Mid-Region Council of Governments (MRCOG) began a study to explore transportation needs for the area surrounding the University of New Mexico (UNM) and Central New Mexico Community College (CNM). The goal of the study was to collect data and provide recommendations on how to reduce congestion in the area, address parking issues, and lower travel costs.

The Paseo del Norte High Capacity Transit Study will identity how public transit can provide an alternative to private vehicle travel and meet some of the demand for trips across the Rio Grande to employment sites and other activity centers.

The MRCOG is assisting local governments to identify how the Rail Runner can help meet their current and future goals. Using Transit Oriented Development as a framework, the MRCOG’s station area planning efforts emphasize each community’s unique character to help achieve these opportunities.

The Los Lunas Corridor Study evaluated existing and future transportation problems and needs within the NM 6 corridor across Los Lunas and identified and evaluated possible solutions to help mitigate congestion on this route and provide access to developing areas on the East and West Mesas.