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Transportation to Work

For many low-income job seekers and employees, there is a way to get to work.

Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC) is a program that provides curb-to-curb transportation for qualified low-income residents to get to a job site or job-training program in the Albuquerque area.

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Since transportation can be a major barrier to employment for low-income residents, Job Access was developed to overcome transportation obstacles and help people get work or retain employment.

Lack of access to affordable and reliable transportation has been one of the biggest hurdles to finding and keeping a job, particularly for individuals with limited income, single parents, and others transitioning to work.

    • Many new entry-level jobs are located in suburban areas.
    • Low-income individuals have difficulty accessing these jobs from their inner city, urban, or rural neighborhoods where shuttle service is either reduced or non-existent.
    • Many jobs require working late at night or on weekends when conventional transit services are either reduced or non-existent.
    • Many employment related-trips are complex and involve multiple destinations including reaching childcare facilities or other services.

JARC addresses these barriers by providing funds to support the development of new transportation services, filling the gaps in existing services, or the promotion of transportation use to employment related destinations. JARC is one of a number of programs funded through the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to support transportation services to low-income workers and other riders.


Job Access provides the following services:

  • Public Transportation

JARC provides transportation to work op­portunities within the Albuquerque area utilizing public transportation routes that operate on fixed schedules. Representatives review and look for the best options for participants and arrange rides through ABQ RIDE or local taxi services.

  • Specialized Services

JARC operates specialized transportation for senior citizens and individuals with disabilities who are unable to access the general public services who have no other means of transportation to get to and from work. Rides are arranged through ADA accessible taxis.

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