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Employee Profile: Meet Liz!

elizabeth-alonzo-ticket-agentSome people may just be going to bed, but the day for Elizabeth is already beginning. A ticket agent for the New Mexico Rail Runner Express for the last 4 ½ years, she has a routine that begins at 3:00 a.m. each workday. After crawling out of bed, she looks at herself in the mirror with a big smile and says “today is going to be another great day.”

For Liz, the best part of her day is interacting with the passengers. She warns them though, “beware of the rooster”. As the train doors open on those early morning trains, passengers may think they hear a rooster onboard. But it’s just Liz giving her early morning wake up call to her regular riders as they step on the train. 

According to Operations Manager Robert Gonzales, some of our passengers probably know Liz as the ticket police. “She can spot a fraudulent ticket like no one else,” says Gonzales. “If you have ever duplicated a ticket or tried to get by without paying, chances are you’ve been caught by Liz.”

“It’s not fair to the other passengers who are paying for their ride when someone is trying to get by for free,” says Liz. “I look closely at all the tickets and if something doesn’t seem right, I will report it.”

 It’s not all work for Liz though. She has three adult children and two grandkids. When she’s not working on the train she loves to spend time with her 9 year old grand-daughter and her 3 ½ year old grandson. “Sometimes I take my grandson on the train from Albuquerque to Bernalillo, spend some time there and then catch the next train back. He loves it.”

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