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Meet Fabian, a Daily Rail Runner Commuter

fabian-armijo-testimonialFabian Armijo started riding the New Mexico Rail Runner Express in 2007, when the Belen Rail Runner station began service in February of that year. Ever since then, he has taken the train from Belen to work in Albuquerque, where he is an IT Specialist for the Social Security Administration’s Teleservice Center.

By commuting on the Rail Runner five days a week instead of driving, Fabian saves approximately $400 per month. “It helps me help my children. I have three children in college. I use the savings to help pay the bills and everyday expenses,” he replied when asked how he uses the money he is saving by taking the train.

Fabian is both a dedicated rider and a great role model for future riders; his daughter Samantha also uses the train to commute from Belen to her classes at PIMA Medical Institute in Albuquerque. “Not only does it save me money by riding, but my daughter also rides the train. So I save on all of the above on her, too,” he said.

On the daily ride Fabian is able to relax and visit with his daughter and other passengers. “What I enjoy about the train is mostly the people, visiting with other riders and talking with the train crew,” he said. Fabian said his daughter Samantha often takes advantage of her time spent on the Rail Runner to study and do homework. “With the internet available you just can’t beat the train,” he said.

By using the New Mexico Rail Runner Express, you, like Fabian, can put life – and time – back in your budget!

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