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Curb-to-Curb Transportation in Valencia County

bus-valenciaFor many people, finding a ride to a medical appointment, to a class or to the grocery store can be difficult.  Rio Metro’s Dial-a-Ride service in Valencia County is an affordable and easy way to connect residents to the places they need to go.

Dial-a-Ride is a weekday curb-to-curb bus transportation service available to anyone traveling throughout Valencia County.  Costing only $1 each way or $.50 each way for those who qualify for the discounted rate, it’s a great alternative to hiring a driver or paying for a taxi.

“The service is available to everyone; people of all ages ride for a variety of reasons. We take a lot of people to doctor’s appointments, hair appointments and the grocery store. It’s a great option,” said Irma Ruiz, Transit Manager in Valencia County.

How It Works

The Valencia County Dial-a-Ride service operates Monday through Friday from 4:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  To request a ride, passengers must call Rio Metro Valencia by 12 NOON on the business day prior to the day they need transportation.

rio-metro-bus-valencia“When people call to request a ride we ask if they have an appointment and what time they need to be there by.  We also ask if they will need a return ride,” said Ruiz. Dial-a-Ride does not use a set schedule, but people can request a window of time for a ride.  Rio Metro dispatchers will work with riders to accomodate requested times or give them other options based on bus availability. 

For those people that have regularly scheduled appointments or classes, it is possible to set up “subscription trips.” This alleviates the need for regular riders to call and schedule their trip each day.

Service Area

Dial-a-Ride is available throughout Valencia County, including Belen, Rio Communities, Los Chavez, Los Lunas, Tomé, Peralta and, Bosque Farms.


  • Full fare is $1 each way.  Ten trip full fare passes are available for $10 and monthly passes are available for $30. 
  • Reduced fare is $.50 each way.  Ten trip reduced fare passes are available for $5 and monthly passes are available for $15. 

All passes are available for purchase from the bus driver.

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Request Your Ride

To request a ride, call Rio Metro Valencia at (505) 352-3595 by 12 NOON on the business day prior to the day you need transportation. Be sure to let the dispatcher know what time you need to be at your destination and if you will need a return ride.  Also, callers should advise the dispatcher of their mobility device type and if they are traveling with a personal care attendant.

Dispatchers are available by phone from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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