Train Conduct and Etiquette

Waiting for the Train

  • Always stand behind the yellow line
  • Hold small children by the hand while on train platforms
  • Look both ways and cross only at designated areas
  • Riding bikes or skateboards is not permitted on train platforms
  • Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is never allowed on train platforms

Boarding the Train

  • Arrive a few minutes before scheduled departure time; trains do not hold for late passengers
  • Allow senior citizens and people with disabilities to board first
  • Stand clear of doors and let riders exit before boarding
  • Those bringing bicycles on board the train should “walk” their bikes onto the train and store in the designated area
People On the Train and Bus

Train Fares & Ticketing

  • Tickets can be purchased using our app, online, or on the train from a ticket agent
  • Ticket agents accept cash and most credit cards; they do not accept bills larger than $20
  • If using a credit card for payment, passengers must show a valid photo I.D.
  • Always keep tickets out and visible while onboard the train; agents may check tickets multiple times
  • If you do not have a valid ticket, you will be asked to pay or deboard the train at the next station.
  • One caregiver, accompanying a paying customer who shows valid proof of disabled citizen status, may ride free
  • Passengers carrying altered tickets are subject to being banned from the New Mexico Rail Runner Express
  • Riding the New Mexico Rail Runner Express without a ticket, copying, reusing, or altering a valid ticket is a crime; the Rail Runner will prosecute any rider who does not have a valid ticket pursuant to applicable state statutes or local ordinances

Additional Train Policies & Etiquette

  • Children under age 10 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is not permitted on the train or train platforms
  • Gas powered vehicles including bicycles, mopeds, scooters and Segways are not allowed on the train
  • If standing room only, please give up your seat for senior citizens and/or people with disabilities.
  • Food and non-alcoholic drinks are permitted on trains
  • No consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed onboard or carrying of open containers of alcoholic beverages
  • No littering, please dispose of trash in the proper receptacles
  • No firearms or weapons are allowed
  • No pets are allowed onboard besides service animals
  • Please keep feet off the seats
  • Please stow personal items under your seat or in overhead racks
  • Soliciting is strictly prohibited without the express permission from management