What are the rules?

Customers are asked to:

  • Keep pagers, cell phones, laptop and PDA sounds off
  • Refrain from cell phone use
  • Speak quietly

The New Mexico Rail Runner Express expects Quiet Cars to be largely enforced by peers and conductor intervention when necessary. Conductors will, of course, lift the quiet car restriction in times of disruption or severe overcrowding. View a full list of rules on the Quiet Cars page.

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1. Where is the Quiet Car located on the train?
2. What are the rules?
3. How will I find the Quiet Car?
4. What happens if the Quiet Car is completely full?
5. What if I get on the Quiet Car without knowing it?
6. What if I need to make or receive a call on my phone?
7. What if another rider's electronic device is too loud?
8. Can I still talk if I whisper?
9. Can you disable the announcements in the quiet car?