How will I find the Quiet Car?

The Quiet Car will always be the car closest to the locomotive of a designated train. All Quiet Cars will be identified with signage inside the car. Station and on-board announcements will remind customers; and the conductor will be able to direct you. The trains with Quiet Cars are indicated with a triangle next to the train number on the printed weekday schedules. Learn more on our Quiet Cars page.

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1. Where is the Quiet Car located on the train?
2. What are the rules?
3. How will I find the Quiet Car?
4. What happens if the Quiet Car is completely full?
5. What if I get on the Quiet Car without knowing it?
6. What if I need to make or receive a call on my phone?
7. What if another rider's electronic device is too loud?
8. Can I still talk if I whisper?
9. Can you disable the announcements in the quiet car?