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1. Which fares does the 75% off apply to?
2. If I purchase an Annual Pass, can I get 75% off?
3. I bought a Monthly Pass in April before the promotion started, can I get a refund for the difference?
4. Can I get a refund for a Day Pass I purchased before April 18?
5. I bought a One-Way Pass prior to April 18, can I get a refund?
6. Do I get the 75% off if I purchase my pass online or on the mobile app?
7. Will you accept cash on the train?
8. I am a student. Does the 75% off apply to the Reduced Fare?
9. I am a Senior over 60. Can I still ride the train free on Wednesdays?
10. I am planning a group trip in May, will the reduced fares apply?