Bikes on the Train

Loading Your Bike on the Train

Trains come equipped with bicycle racks so you can ride your bike to and from each station. Each railcar will have space for up to 8 bicycles. Bike racks and lockers can be found at each station.

Walk Your Bike as You Approach the Station Platform

Stand with your bike on the platform behind the boarding line until the train comes to a stop.

Allow Passengers Without Bicycles to Board & Disembark First

Do not ride your bicycle on board the train or on the station platforms.

A Passenger Boarding Bike on the Train

Board the Train With Your Bike

  • Train conductors will direct you to available space. You must follow instructions of Rail Runner train crews. Rail Runner staff will make every reasonable effort to accommodate as many bicycles on the train as possible.
  • Gas powered vehicles including bicycles, mopeds, scooters and Segways are not allowed on the train.

Secure Your Bike in One of the Designated Bicycle Spaces

  • Please keep your bicycle in the designated spaces and out of the isles.
  • Bike storage is located in each car near the entrances.
  • Secure your bicycle with the straps or make sure it is held.
  • Keep your bicycle clean and free of projections that could damage the train or cause an injury.
  • Find out how to Reserve a Bike Locker.

Exit the train

  • Allow passengers without bicycles to exit ahead of you when you reach your stop.
  • Exit the train with your bike.

Additional Information

  • While each passenger car has space dedicated for two bicycles (for a total of four per train) additional space in the areas reserved for wheelchairs may be available. Naturally, priority here is given to the passengers in wheelchairs. The bicycle storage area is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • If you have a valid Rail Runner ticket, you may board a single rider standard style bicycle at no extra cost.
  • Electric bicycles are allowed.
  • Gas powered vehicles including bicycles, mopeds, scooters and Segways are not allowed on the train.
  • You are responsible for any damage to the train's equipment and/or for any injury or damage to other passengers or train personnel that result from negligence. The Rail Runner will not be liable for damaged or stolen bicycles.
  • Bicycle parking is available at each of the train stations.
  • Please visit our Bicycle Access and Lockers page for more information.