Acceptable Use Policy


The New Mexico Rail Runner Express (NMRX) Wi-Fi system Acceptable Use Policy specifies policy for the use of information resources and information technology systems. Enforcement of this acceptable use policy is consistent with the policies and procedures of this organization and applicable laws. This policy supersedes all prior policies for the covered areas.

Contact Information

For problems, issues or comments, please call 866-795-RAIL (7245) or email Internet Services.


Compliance with this policy is mandatory for all users of the NMRX Wi-Fi system. This policy applies to all NMRX information, communications equipment, computer systems regardless of its location.

Authorized Use

Users must not (or not attempt to) use, capture, or guess other users’ passwords, use-rids, or accounts. Users are also restricted from using NMRX equipment for business use, other than individual person to person messaging and web use, without authorization from NMRX officials. Users must not hide their identity for malicious purposes or assume the identity of another user.


  • User internet traffic may be subject to access and monitoring by authorized employees of NMRX and its affiliates during the course of official business. 
  • Accordingly, users should have no expectation of privacy and their activity may be monitored.

Restricted Access

  • Users must not attempt to access restricted files or portions of operating systems, security systems or administrative systems to which they have not been given authorization. 
  • Accordingly, users must not access without authorization: electronic mail, data, programs or information protected under state and federal laws. 
  • Users must not release another person’s restricted information.

Proper Use of Resources

  • Users should recognize that communication resources are limited and user activities may have an impact on the entire network.
  • Users must not misuse email including but not limited to the spread of email widely (chain letter) and without good purpose (“spamming”) or to flood an individual, group, or system with numerous or large email messages (“bombing”).
  • NMRX may limit the use of resources including, but not limited to: curtailing streaming audio, video or real time applications such as: stock ticker, weather monitoring or internet radio.

Protecting Information & Shared Resources

Users must not:

  • Knowingly introducing worms or viruses or other malicious code into the system or disable protective measures such as antivirus, anti-spyware or firewalls.
  • Install unauthorized software.
  • Connect unauthorized equipment or media, which includes but is not limited to any device used to circumvent NMRX or other user system security measures.


  • Users must not harass other users using computer resources, or make repeated unwelcome contacts with other users.
  • Users must not download or display material that is inappropriate in a public environment.


  • The user assumes full liability that may arise from using the NMRX Wi-Fi system and will hold NMRX and its associated agencies and companies blameless in all cases.
  • The user accepts full responsibility and liability to any third party for any results of the user’s wireless internet session.

Applicable Laws

  • Users must obey local, state and federal laws including laws on copyright and other intellectual property laws.

Policy Violations

  • Users who determined at the sole discretion of NMRX officials, violate the terms of this acceptable use policy may be barred from future use of the NMRX Wi-Fi system service or NMRX passenger travel services.
  • Additionally any information or evidence of possible violations of applicable policies or laws may be surrendered by NMRX to appropriate agencies without any further approval by the NMRX wireless internet access service user.