Ride the Train

Riding the New Mexico Rail Runner Express is easy and fun.

Find Your Station

Look at the New Mexico Rail Runner Express route map to determine which station is closest to your starting point and your destination.

Read the Schedule

Look a the New Mexico Rail Runner Express Schedule page to determine what time the train departs the station and what time it arrives at your destination. Be sure to arrive at the station five minutes prior to the departure time.

  1. Decide whether you are going north (at top) or south (at bottom).
  2. On the left-hand side, find the station from which you are leaving.
  3. Read across to find the times the Rail Runner departs from that station.
  4. From there, read down to find what time the Rail Runner will arrive at the station to which you are traveling.
RIding the Train Photo Collage

Calculate Your Fare

Look at the Fare Chart page to determine your fare. Count the number of zones through which you will travel. Be sure to count the zone you are starting in. Then look at the chart to determine your fare. 

Buy Your Ticket

There are three ways to buy your ticket: on our app, online or on the train. If you purchase your ticket in advance on our app or online you will receive a discount (note: the full train schedule cannot be viewed on the mobile app; view the schedule online). 

Once on the train, you can show the ticket agent the ticket on your app, your printed ticket, or a digital copy of the ticket from your smart phone. If you don’t have time to do this before arriving at the station, you can purchase a ticket from an agent onboard the train. You can pay with cash or credit (except American Express).

Arrive at the Station

Free parking is available at most stations. You will have to pay for parking in Downtown Albuquerque and the Santa Fe Depot.

Board the Train

Be sure to arrive at the station platform five minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Keep your ticket out for ticket agents and conductors. To ensure everyone has paid their fare, you may be asked multiple times on one trip to present your ticket.

Exit the Train

Be sure to gather all of your belongings and make your way to the doors on the lower level before the train comes to a complete stop. After exiting the train, use your New Mexico Rail Runner Express printed or mobile ticket to ride many connecting buses and shuttles for free! View a complete list of connecting transit partners.