About Safety Reporting

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Our Commitment to Safety

Safety has always been a core value of the Rio Metro Regional Transit District (RMRTD), and managing safety is a core business commitment for our agency. RMRTD is committed to developing, implementing, maintaining, and continuously improving our daily practices to ensure the safety of our customers, employees, contractors, and the public. RMRTD will use the safety management processes to guide the prioritization of safety, and allocate our organizational resources (such as people, funding, and technology) to integrate into our everyday operations. We aim to develop and support a robust safety culture, and to achieve the highest levels of safety performance set forth by the FTA.

Developing a Safety Culture at RMRTD Begins with You

We are working to develop a safety culture in our organization, which includes the encouragement for employees to report any close-calls, near-misses, unsafe conditions, and other events that could affect the safety of our drivers, staff, and the riding public.